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A good roofer is hard to find, and you want one who will not be afraid to tell you when you need help. The reason that roofing contractors and siding contractors are difficult to find is that there is more maintenance in these home remodeling projects than there is in most others.

At Hercules Construction, we want you to feel comfortable with your roofing contractor. We pride ourselves on our combined decades of experience in providing reliable roofing contractor services. We will be there for you with installation and through every maintenance program you need. Call us for an appointment today.

Choose Experienced Siding Contractors

When you make changes to your home or are involved in a new home build, choosing your siding will be a major component of your project. At Hercules Construction, our experienced team can help you select the right siding and get it done on your budget and schedule.

We offer you an exceptional service when it comes to delivering the siding that residents need. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Choose from a wide range of siding options, including vinyl, wood, metal, fiber cement, and insulated siding.

It is important to update your home's siding approximately every 20 to 30 years. Unlike roofing, it is difficult to make patch jobs on a siding repair. Call us today for an assessment of every kind of problem you are having with your siding concerns. Hercules Construction has seen it all and can help you fix every problem on budget and on time.

Affordable Roofing Contractors

Having your roof done is a chore that needs to be done every 10 to 15 years. Hercules Construction wants to be there for you every step of the way. We can provide installation and maintenance services for your roofing job. We are a one-stop shop for roofing needs.

When you work with us for exterior renovation, you won’t need to worry about looking for a roofing expert ever again. Contact us and book an appointment for your roofing or siding job today.

Hercules Solar installations are Built stronger to last longer

Standards of Service

Hercules Construction complies with state solar energy and information technology standards and guidelines. To ensure compliance, we maintain quality controls and monitor every aspect of development. Rest assured, your solar and IT projects will be completed on time, with care, and within budget.

Solar Power and panels

An abundance of sun in the southeast allows us to produce more energy. Solar reduces utility bills and your carbon footprint. Talk to a Hercules Construction professional today about how your home or business can benefit from high-efficiency commercial and home solar powered systems.

Information Technology

From lightning and thermostats to entertainment and security, IT makes your home smarter, more automated, and even simplifies your everyday routine. Ask a Hercules Construction professional about how you can take complete command of technology in every room of your home or business.



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When you are considering an upgrade to your flooring, tile and stone flooring are traditional first considerations. They are both beautiful and durable choices with many long-term benefits and provide a solid return on your investment. Get help from qualified experts at Hercules Construction, and you’ll be walking on your new floor in no time. Contact us to book an appointment for an estimate today.
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