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When you are looking for construction services, you want a construction company that is reliable and affordable but also offers a quality service. At Hercules Construction, our craftsmen have combined decades of experience in multiple specialties. It doesn’t matter what your project needs are or how unique your requests might be. Hercules Construction is conveniently located in the Gulf South so that we can be there when and where you need us.

Construction Company Services

Construction company services need to be dependable, and they need to be experienced. At Hercules Construction, our company has been providing quality construction services for decades. Every project matters to us. When you are looking for a construction company, we know that you want a business experienced in everything. You don’t want to hire multiple contractors to get one job done. Call Hercules Construction and just tell us what you need. We will get every inch of your project covered on your timeline and budget.

Hercules Solar installations are Built stronger to last longer

Standards of Service

Hercules Construction complies with state solar energy and information technology standards and guidelines. To ensure compliance, we maintain quality controls and monitor every aspect of development. Rest assured, your solar and IT projects will be completed on time, with care, and within budget.

Solar Power and panels

An abundance of sun in the southeast allows us to produce more energy. Solar reduces utility bills and your carbon footprint. Talk to a Hercules Construction professional today about how your home or business can benefit from high-efficiency commercial and home solar powered systems.

Information Technology

From lightning and thermostats to entertainment and security, IT makes your home smarter, more automated, and even simplifies your everyday routine. Ask a Hercules Construction professional about how you can take complete command of technology in every room of your home or business.



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Hercules Construction Services

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Solar installation
Painting and staining
Flooring and hardwood
Tile and stone
Siding and roofing
Drywall and insulation
Home remodeling
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Our Focus Is You

Home remodeling projects require a flawless attention to detail for both the project and the customer. When you hire Hercules Construction, you are hiring an experienced business driven by the mission to understand your vision and bring it to life. We want to get it done and get it done right. Our team of quality craftsmen and women has been working for decades to understand the needs of this community and the projects it undertakes.If you need deck building, fencing, painting and staining, flooring and hardwood, drywall, siding, or any other element of your home remodeling, we can do it. We know how to get the materials you need in tile and stone, hardwood, solar installation, and more, so that your finished project is a dream come true. Call us today for a quote.

Home Theater Design and Installation
Whole A/V System
Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
Home and Business Networking
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For quality and affordable construction services, call Hercules Construction. Our construction company has been providing home remodeling for exterior and interior renovations for decades. Our work and our reputation speak for themselves. Call us for a quote today.

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