Painting Services and Staining Services

Every single home project needs the right finish. Whether you are finishing a deck, fence, or exterior, you want to make an impact. From curb appeal to making that first impression, you’ll need quality and experienced painting services and staining services to maximize the return on your investment.

The team at Hercules Construction has decades of experience and professionalism providing affordable painting services and staining services. We know how important every detail is here. We will help you bring every detail to life.

Affordable Interior Painting Services

Whether a bedroom, a nursery, or an entire home, your interior painting job is important to you. It is going to change how you feel about where you live. At Hercules Construction, we know how important every paint roller is to you.

It is natural to begin thinking about how you can do this project on your own. When you add up the costs of doing it on your own and comparing that to our estimate, you will feel more comfortable talking to professionals that have done this before. Contact Hercules Construction for a quote today.

Experienced Staining Services

An exterior project is more than just a staining project. It is a project that requires planning and resources. It doesn’t matter what you are staining, you need to make sure that you have the right product and the right person doing the job. At Hercules Construction, we offer both of those things at affordable prices. Our decades of experience in the community speaks for itself.

Hercules Solar installations are Built stronger to last longer

Standards of Service

Hercules Construction complies with state solar energy and information technology standards and guidelines. To ensure compliance, we maintain quality controls and monitor every aspect of development. Rest assured, your solar and IT projects will be completed on time, with care, and within budget.

Solar Power and panels

An abundance of sun in the southeast allows us to produce more energy. Solar reduces utility bills and your carbon footprint. Talk to a Hercules Construction professional today about how your home or business can benefit from high-efficiency commercial and home solar powered systems.

Information Technology

From lightning and thermostats to entertainment and security, IT makes your home smarter, more automated, and even simplifies your everyday routine. Ask a Hercules Construction professional about how you can take complete command of technology in every room of your home or business.



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When looking for affordable and efficient painting and staining services, Hercules Construction is the team for the job. Conveniently located in the Gulf South, our dependable contractors have decades of combined experience. Let your project be the next on our list of inspiration. Our experience will show from the first time we meet. Call us for an estimate today.
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