Affordable Tile Floor Installation and Stone Floor Installation

Flooring is a big step in any home remodeling project. You want to select the right material to go with every room. Today, every homeowner is looking for both style and budget. The most common kinds of flooring today after carpeting and hardwood flooring are tile and stone. Both of these kinds of flooring are not easy to install on your own.

At Hercules Construction, our professional contractors can help you to select the right product for your floors. If you need either a tile floor installation or a stone floor installation, our team of experts with combined decades of experience in home remodeling can help. Contact us to book an appointment today.

Exceptional Tile Floor Installation

Tile flooring is always an exciting time in home remodeling. Selecting the right product and visualizing it in your home and your new room is always inspiring. At Hercules Construction, we can help you do just that, from beginning to end.

There are a number of different options when it comes to tile flooring. The most common kinds of tile are ceramic, glass, and porcelain. Other options are used in stone flooring installations.

Quality Stone Floor Installation

The most commonly used materials for stone floor installations are granite, marble, and ceramic. These materials make any room beautiful and offer the added benefit of being durable, safe, and easy to maintain.Stone flooring offers all of these benefits. The stones that this flooring has been developed from have been around for thousands of years — this is a durable product.

Hercules Solar installations are Built stronger to last longer

Standards of Service

Hercules Construction complies with state solar energy and information technology standards and guidelines. To ensure compliance, we maintain quality controls and monitor every aspect of development. Rest assured, your solar and IT projects will be completed on time, with care, and within budget.

Solar Power and panels

An abundance of sun in the southeast allows us to produce more energy. Solar reduces utility bills and your carbon footprint. Talk to a Hercules Construction professional today about how your home or business can benefit from high-efficiency commercial and home solar powered systems.

Information Technology

From lightning and thermostats to entertainment and security, IT makes your home smarter, more automated, and even simplifies your everyday routine. Ask a Hercules Construction professional about how you can take complete command of technology in every room of your home or business.



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When you are considering an upgrade to your flooring, tile and stone flooring are traditional first considerations. They are both beautiful and durable choices with many long-term benefits and provide a solid return on your investment. Get help from qualified experts at Hercules Construction, and you’ll be walking on your new floor in no time. Contact us to book an appointment for an estimate today.
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