Top 4 Perks To Adding Solar Panels to Your Home

September 23, 2022

Is solar worth it? While summer is ending, it will be right back around before you know it. With an increase in temperatures, comes an increase in energy bills. Solar panels are an excellent way to offset the energy cost, reduce your home's environmental impact, and even provide many other great benefits. Continue reading to find out what those benefits are.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Here is what to know about solar panels and some of the benefits they offer.

Eliminate or Reduce Energy Bills

This is probably the biggest benefit of adding solar panels to your home. On warm days, you tend to generate a lot more energy than you consume, which ends up causing an increase in your energy bills. Even if you live in a location where it is cloudy, these locations receive more than two hours of sunlight each day.

Although sunny days will produce more solar energy, solar panels will continue to draw in more energy even when the weather is cloudy.

Earn Tax Credits & Rebates

Many people don’t know how big of a benefit this is. Solar panels are actually paying you. You will get 30 percent of the total system costs back from installation and equipment from the start as a federal income tax credit once you file your taxes. This means that you could save around $7,500 on a system that is worth $25,000.

If you combine these costs with both local and state rebates, the total costs can be cut in half. Many installers also offer a no-cost installation, where they spend all the money on the installation and the panels and only charge for energy at a reduced rate. However, no matter the location you live, you will be able to take advantage of some great tax credits for solar.

Start Saving Right Away

The cost of annual energy consumption can be in the thousands. Solar power has the ability to eliminate or reduce these costs as soon as it is installed on your home. Solar panels also offer long-term savings, since they are free to capture the power of the sun.

Solar panels also improve the resale value of your home significantly. Many home buyers already know what it means to have a home with solar panels, especially since the system is already in place. Many homeowners can expect to see at least a $5,911 resale value increase per installed kilowatt, according to research.

Helps the Environment and Everyone Else

Solar panels derive clean, pure energy right from the sun. Having these panels installed reduces emissions and even reduces your collective dependence on fossil fuels. Traditional electricity comes from fossil fuels, including natural gas and coal. Once fossil fuels are burned, they let off harmful gases that cause air pollution and global climate change. Additionally, they are a finite resource and because of this, the price fluctuates constantly and can even increase in a short period of time.

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