The Best Materials to Use for Decking

December 6, 2022

No matter what you might use to build your deck, the materials must have one thing in common. They need to be durable and capable of withstanding all types of weather that commonly affects your home or other buildings.

Pressure treated wood is an ideal decking material that holds up well in all kinds of weather for many years. It is one of the most commonly used decking materials thanks to high pressure that infuses the wood with a preservative that makes it last much longer while exposed to the elements.

Do I need to use pressure treated wood for a deck?

Pressure-treated wood is always a good choice for decking construction, but it is not your only viable option. You could try a variety of natural woods, composites, or artificial materials that look great and hold up to the elements very well throughout the year.

The following gives you a closer look at the many options other than pressure treated wood for your decking material.

Cedar Decking Materials

Cedar is one of the most popular materials for roofing as well as decking and holds up very well to the weather. Cedar is soft, durable, and gives you a great natural look. It is easy to seal and stain.

When left untreated, cedar changes to a grayish-silver color that many homeowners consider to be very attractive. The only real issue with cedar is its soft nature, which makes it easy to dent or scratch during use.

Redwood Decking Materials

Redwood has a very tight grain that makes it harder to warp or split when exposed to the weather. It also has a naturally red color that makes it very attractive and highly desirable. Redwood also takes stains and virtually all kinds of finishes very well.

Redwood requires a bit more maintenance if you live in a locale that gets a lot of precipitation and humidity. It is also relatively high-priced and might exceed your budget.

Composite Decking Materials

You could purchase composite decking that is not made of wood and comes in your preferred color. The composite decking looks just like natural wood but does not split, crack, warp, or fade like natural wood often will. Composite decking can last for 25 or more years and often has warranty protection.

Composite decking costs more than pressure treated wood or cedar. It also lacks the natural appeal of cedar or redwood.

PVC and Plastic Decking Materials

You could also consider PVC or plastic decking that lasts for decades and comes in a variety of colors. Both materials are recyclable and are very durable over many years of use. Maintenance is low and the color lasts for a very long time.

About the only real negative about PVC or plastic decking is that they lack the natural appeal of wood decking. PVC decking also costs more than plastic or pressure treated wood.

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