Interior Paint Color and Design Trends

Painting your home is a big deal; it can change the entire look of the home and is a great way to update things. That being said, it is important to take the time to find a great painting style or trend that you are going to love for years to come. There are some great 2022 paint trends that you can follow to help update your home.

Interior Painting Ideas

One great paint scheme that is so pretty and flattering for any home is chalky greens that are calming and subdued. These paint colors can be used with nearly any home and nearly any interior design scheme. Similarly, bright sky blue is also very popular this year. This is a color that is very versatile and that is great for anyone that wants a fun color that is going to be universal and that is also going to be pretty and calming.

If these bright colors are not for you, color drenching is another great trend. What this means is taking one color and using various tones and shades of the same color all over the same room. This is a great way to use a color you love and want to use it in as many ways as possible in one space. Deep jewel tones are also gorgeous and a great way to make a room pop. You can do this with a single wall or you can use it with an entire room for a rich and luxurious feeling.

If you want to use a palette of colors, you can use tones and colors that go well with one another, particularly pink, and you can use it to create geometric shapes and designs that are exceptionally flattering.

2022 Paint Trends

If you want to get some great trends on your walls, just take the time to look through some of the most popular. This is a great way to update your home and help you get that color that you love that is beautiful and trendy.

No matter what paint you choose, you should always choose a quality paint appropriate for your wall type and a color that you can live with and love every day. If you choose a color you love, you will not regret painting your home that color, and you will love getting up every day to see it.  

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